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1) I have those figs! (2 of them) They did look REALLY good on the battlefield.

2) Because of the cost of the metal figures, you may want to decrease the squad numbers to 3. More on that below.

3) 3 figs in a squad is safer. 4 is dangerous and harder to cost properly when having boosting abilties. Giving them that Pack Attack ability which is great in theme, makes every additional fig in a squad that much more effective.
So either make it 3 in a squad (just my recommendations - throw them out if you don't find them useful) or make Pack Attack grant +1 to each figure beyond the first that attacks the same figure (a melee Zettian Targeting, eh? )

4) Don;t look at the calculator too hard.
They are notoriously inaccurate - it's better to just comapre them to other units and get a ballpark figure that way.
No calculator can compete with comparison to other unitss- the variety of abilities makes it too hard for calculators to estimate.

BTW - Have you seen my Hunting Raptors?
They are a nuetral unit that is pretty nifty, for dinosaur players....
They're in my Customs thread - and I'll upload the cool card atmospro updated soon.
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