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Wait a minute.

Before moving on to other units, why not wait awhile to allow feedback on some of these ones?

There are some noteworthy units here:

1) I don't remember seeing these on HQ, but it was impossible to keep up with that site.
Your Sir Christopher is startlingly similar to Sir Hawthorne - you didn;t think to just mention "Cool beans! My Denrick repaint had a special attack, and almost the same stats!"
If you don;t advertise your own customs somewhat (when they are VERY applicable), who will?

2) I also like the stories for the Grimnak repaints.

3) The Swamp Raptors are a disappointment.
Here I was, all ready for a well-paired dinosaur team, and they get a ability that while neat, makes them WAY tough to balance.
And so you made them weak weak weak to compensate for the danger of their 8-dice special attack.
If you can think of a different ability, one that's less dangerous and hard to balance, you could make them a common squad, which is much better.
For example, how much do you think they're worth without the Pack Attack ability? I'd guesstimate less than 40 points, since they're REALLY weak, and Wild Nature almost cripples them (have to roll a 12+ just to use 4 of them?)

If you made Pack Attack just a simple +1 bonus for however many Swamp Raptors are adjacent to the opponent, that would make them 50 points or less, I'd think. And you'd have to up their defense to at least 3 or 4.
They are a 2-space figure, right?
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