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Lightbulb Custom Marvel Master Set

EDIT: There are two contests: a Classic HS contest and a Marvel HS contest. This is the latter. Here are submission rules:
  1. Figures used must be listed. That means game and name. If the figure is customized, a step by step process, preferably with photos and a list of materials used, must be given. (This is not for judging purposes; I want other members to be able to have these figures for themselves.)
  2. There must be a photo of the figure and a Basic and Master game card included in the submission.
  3. This is a Classic HS competition, so don't make a Marvel or other sort of figure.
  4. A photograph of the figure must be used for the card.
  5. No watermarks or cutom generals.
  6. A sighting and hit zone window must be included on the card.
The storyline is that the alliances between generals have fractured, so the current alliances are Jandar/Ullar, Aquilla/Einar, and Utgar/Vydar.

Demerge Disney And Marvel!!!

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