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Re: Cookie Cutter Army Discussion and Tiers

All right, here is the army I used for NHSD:

3x Blade gruts 120
Grimnak 240
Nerak 290
Charos 500

I went 3-2 and placed 11/23. That is in the top 50%. My battle report is here.

I really think the key with Blade Gruts is not using piles and piles of them. Since they are only 40pts a squad, one can add a dragon and still have quite a few Blade Gruts. They still are as good as some of the other tier 2 armies like Venoc Vipers and Marro Drones. True, the Blades do not have high attack, but with bonding they can get a lot of attacks in. Using a dragon for more power is important in Blade Grut armies.

I think that Blade Gruts aren't appearing in more tournaments because Heavy Gruts have almost completely overshadowed them, and knights are even better yet. Plus, wave 1 hasn't been re-released for a while.
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