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Re: Getting my boyfriend to be more accepting of customs

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Thank you so much for the comment, it means the world. We would like to try avoiding ebay for customs if we can, and eventually it would be great to eventually experience C3V customs as well. However, as I'm researching C3V customs, and the like. I would love to know where do we get the figures for these customs? Do we obtain it from other sets, or do we make it ourselves?
All C3V miniatures come from somwhere else, usually another miniature game. If you look beneath the cards on any C3V (or C3G) “books” you’ll see some blue text that will tell you the name of the model and what line it’s from. Then you can go to any of the many sites that sell miniature game models and purchase it, if it’s in stock obviously.
Ah, that makes sense, thanks for telling me.
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