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Re: The Book of Ice Rock

Originally Posted by SirGalahad View Post
Here's where this belongs:

So when this is thrown up to 3 spaces by a figure with the Super Strength special power:

Does the tile go with it?
Does it land upright?

I'm guessing yes to both.

We'll need a ruling to clarify that it can't be thrown onto a water, swamp water, ice, shadow, or lava (now that would be funny) space.
Tickle, Bats, and I discussed this last night, and though the rule book says that Glaciers MUST be placed on their Bases, these are not Glacier obstacles. We have taken the same terrain piece and made it into Ice (pieces) Destructible Objects. Like Tickle said, they actually stand up quite well without the ice tiles beneath them. No need to remove the base with it, only the piece itself - something we can FAQ or just release with its book as the official game has done with each new Destructible Object or Obstacle. With that, we also specify how it is to be placed (or thrown if it is the Ice Rock) on the battlefield - upright.

The game rules state that terrain is not allowed to be placed on any "water" or "0 height" tile. But Destructible Objects don't have that rule because they are not "terrain" specifically, they are more. However, I don't see why we would try to prevent these or any DOs from being thrown on "water" tiles, including Lava. Why should we be afraid of doing that?
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