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shaolin knows what's in an order marker shaolin knows what's in an order marker shaolin knows what's in an order marker
AotP Power Rankings: Army and Spell cards

Straight up stealing from this thread, read the basic idea there:

Heroscape Power Rankings

A few differences/things to note.

1. This is just one guyís opinion. If it generates chatter I have no problem updating this with a consensus. And hopefully it does, Iím a big fan of this game.
2. I thought it made more sense to organize the list by card color rather than by rank. Youíre more limited in your squad choices based on the PW you choose compared to Heroscape. Planeswalkers are at the top of each color. Within the colors the cards are sorted by rank, then cost, then alphabetically.
3. For the army cards, Iím going to attempt to incorporate the Whatís in an order marker? color code. It doesnít apply 100% simply because there are no order markers in AotP. But you still have to choose a card at the beginning of your turn and this could help with the choice. And like the above, input will be appreciated and incorporated.
4. Rankings of army cards are not taking spells into consideration, this is just ranking the army cards. You could easily take a group like the Phoenixes and turn them into an endless wave of 5 dice attacks, but you can boost every team in various ways with spells. Iím just talking about base value.
5. Based on some feedback, rankings where adjusted a bit, and 2 color PWs are included twice, once for each color.
6. Iíve ranked all the spell cards as well. Theyíre sorted in the same way, color->rank->cost->alphabetical.

Army Cards
Spoiler Alert!

Spell Cards
Spoiler Alert!

I think I got every card in the game, but let me know if I missed any. The format of the spells list is tough to read so Iím trying to figure that out, any ideas on how to make it look pretty would be appreciated too

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