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Re: Utah Monthlies 2018

I have a question for all of you, I have four or five terrain mats, Water, Lava, dungeon, sand and not sure about the other. It might be stone or rock or something. I have decided I don't really need them, and not sure I want them anymore. I was wanting to sell them off, So here's my question, what do you think a fair price would be?

Also we have been talking me and the boys about showing up to play again, Not sure if it will be this month but my only problem is there kind of new and all these fancy rules your doing would confuse them. But they really want to come. So let me know when your doing a basic Heroscape tourney and I will try to keep tabs as well to see which ones we want to go to. Sorry been away so long. Just needed a break I guess.

My one son is 17 and the other is 11. More worried about the younger in the tourneys.
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