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Re: Durin's Bane - Rough Draft

I like a lot of things about this draft. Especially that we are keeping it as a Maia and avoid any demon synergies or nonsense like that. Identity is important for the project. I think some of these abilities are stacking but I like the theme we have, totally agree with starting off huge and then pairing down. Do we have a miniature in mind for your vision?

Fire Whip is very cool, it combines the Lawman Whip with the reposition effect. I'm curious as to if we actually need to take all the defense dice away from whatever you grab. Ironically you will get an engagement strike on almost anything to begin with and then still have your standard attack just like Motely Max will, seeing I've had great success with that figure and it's similar attack I wonder if we need to take the defense roll away from the figure we grab with fire whip.

EDIT: Goes without saying but we will need to get the verbage to avoid lava dunking lol!

Shadow Terror is beast, great theme and great ability. Reminds me of Gothlok's but more useful and I like how it is a large aura to match what Durin's Bane needs to be and how important it is.

Fire Engagement strike that hits large figures? Love it.

The spirit strength makes sense, I almost wonder if it should be expanded to include lava damage? Idk, just thinking out loud there. It seems proper given that it fell forever in its fight with Gandalf.

4 Move is slow, especially if he is going to be double spaced so I'm not the biggest fan but I understand what you're going for. All the other stats seem interesting, price point of 210 means he is in the tier of dragons, quite fitting.

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