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Combating Nissa's Range and her Elf's

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could tell me the stratagem for getting past Nissa's Range and after activation move. Most of the players that I play with, even myself, seem to think that 1v1 games against Nissa End in a Stalemate, or eventuality of Nissa winning by Kiting the Enemy.

I wasn't very clear in my OP so I just wanted to add some detail, and my first thoughts. For context I only have the base box, and my SO loves liliana and will only really play with her. When we play 1v1 I like to mix it up and prefer to rotate through all the other characters. But the most aggravating games for her, and therefore me, are when I play Nissa. I was looking for a stratagem to suggest to her, and hopefully more then one.

The most obvious strategy would be to incorporate the move glyph into your army and/or to have other ranged units. Seeing as there are no Black ranged Units other then Liliana how is Black Meant to Battle Ranged Armies?

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