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Re: Online Heroscape Match Request Thread

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Wanna tell us the weird idea?
Basically game casting. I've had the idea for a while since I've become a huge fan of watching strategy games on YouTube (like StarCraft, AoE II, and Sir H's channel), and was thinking how it would be cool to have something like that for Heroscape. Kind of like what Sir H does, but with more of a gameplay commentary perspective. I was talking to True about it at our last Utah gathering and we decided why not pull a Thanos and do it ourselves. Best case scenario it works out and we have something to contribute to the community, worst case we get an excuse to hang out for a bit and watch a fun game.

So really what we're looking for is a couple people to just play a game while we watch and talk about it as a kind of trial run to see if it's feasible to do.
I'd be down to be a player for it tomorrow night if you want to run it then.

I would like to be able to listen to the game cast though

For anyone else who wants to play, I'd prefer to play any of the Gencon formats. Possibly Assasination?
That would be great! For listening to the cast, if you mean during then I would be hesitant, just because if we're talking strategy we don't want to influence the game itself with our commentary. But afterwards I'd be more than happy to shoot you (or anyone else playing) the recording, especially if you'd like to view/listen and give approval before we posted it online.
Yeah, I mean listening after the game is over.

Not worried about approval or anything like that though, just curious and interested to listen in on what the commentary sounded like.

How about tomorrow (Thursday, 7/11/19) at 9 pm EST?

Sounds like @Coolio would be the other player

The format description for Assasination at Gencon this year is: "Players bring a 475 point army, 16 figure limit, no marvel. You must bring at least 3 heroes and / or uncommons (more is ok). You cannot have the same uncommon hero more than once. The game will be played using the following format. First place your units, second give your opponent your unique/uncommon hero cards. Finally simultaneously reveal which hero of your opponent you would like to assasinate. Check victory conditions at the end of each turn. Also if your chosen hero leaves your team (Mindshackle, Stab in the Back) for longer than the end of the turn, it is consider as a defeat."
I would be available at that time tomorrow. Let us know @BiggaBullfrog
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