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Re: The Pre-SoV Workshop

Originally Posted by Astroking112 View Post
As another idea for reframing Hunter's Howl to allow for the self-bonding:
After revealing an Order Marker on this Army Card and before taking a turn with the Wulfing Hunters, if at least one Wulfing Hunter that you control is engaged, you may either move and attack with 4 Wulfing Hunters that you control or first take a turn with a Hunter Hero that you control.
I don't love Hide in Tundra (I think Snow Strength would be just as thematic, albeit it makes them more fragile), but it's a fine power. Although it's weird thematically, I think that if the power is going to be a reskin of Hide in Darkness/Swamp, then the +6 bonus should be for the flat terrain (ice) and the +3 bonus should be for the normal terrain (snow). That helps create a consistent power between all three versions and should make it easier to remember. If you want the stronger bonus to be reserved for snow terrain, then I think that the naming convention of the power shouldn't mimic Hide in Darkness/Swamp so closely.

As a more big picture concern, I am a little worried that these guys will be bland to play. The Mohicans' War Cry requires much more setup to activate and is a more interesting decision point since they have range themselves. If just one Wulfing Hunter needs to be engaged for them to bond, then they're going to be getting those extra turns pretty often, and their only other real bit of mechanical flavor is a standard durability power. I think that the design could probably use a little more flair to really stand out beyond the Hunter synergy (as some quick examples, either a short ranged attack for the spears or bumping up the engagement requirement to 2 figures would create more decision potential for both players). That would also make the Hunter synergy more palatable to many VC members, I'd imagine, since it would make the design feel less like it exists just for that Hunter synergy.
Thanks for the comment! I'll take the wording change into consideration for Howl as it does make more sense. I'm not sure I understand the comment about Hide in Tundra from a thematic point of view.

Snow Strength is all around a worse power that ONLY has use on a given map, while a durability power for a 2 man squad has the potential to save activations on any map, with terrain increasing likelyhood. There are also key differences, Hide in Tundra works against all non-adjacent to include q9 and Nilfheim's specials. I'm also trying to tie this in to a faction that are far north survivalists, so a durability power should make more sense here instead of a bland situational attack/defense upgrade that wont see use often. I changed the modifiers to specifically account for the fact that hiding in Snow would be easier than hiding in Ice, their defensive power lines up more with camoflauge than anything because it doesnt trigger in melee.

I'll look into a different naming convention I think. Something like Tundra Survivalist maybe.

If it turns out to be too bland in testing, I'll definitely look for something else but they should be quite unique. I have no love for Snow Strength as an ability. Though I did consider Reach before, however I only have 1 figure with a spear. The other has a type of short sword.
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