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Re: The Pre-SoV Workshop

Originally Posted by Astroking112 View Post
To be clear, Crimson Blades is only intended to work with and on Akhenaten's own attacks, right?

I think that Crimson Blades would read a lot cleaner if instead of "saving dice," you could place a Crimson Blade Marker or something on his card when you roll an excess skull (or attack and roll at least one skull without inflicting a wound). You lose out on some of the flexibility of choosing which dice to save (either unnecessary damage or too few skulls to be worthwhile), but it feels more in line with something from an official design.

I don't think that Evasive Tactics should be a blanket "always on" power. Giving all Guards in the game disengage for 90 points feels dangerous, especially when it's already a class with synergies and good units like the Honor Guard or Blastatrons. Akhenaten probably wouldn't break them, but it'd need to be tested very carefully. Some kind of a range or sight limit feels more prudent to me.

More thematically, I'm not sure that disengage is the best pairing for the "Guard" class. This is a relatively minor quibble, but I feel like some kind of a durability increase would be more thematic for Guards, albeit it'd probably be just as problematic depending on the implementation and I don't have any concrete alternative to suggest. A straight defense dice bonus would be interesting for some units like Gurei-Oni, but also potentially frustrating when paired with stuff like the Crypt Guardians. It's a bit hard to balance.

Is Akhenaten intended to be the actual D&D Karnathi Skeleton monster? The name's Egyptian roots makes me think of Feylund first, but I'm not familiar with D&D lore. The further he gets from the Tomb Skeletons, the more that Skeletal Form stands out to me, but like I said earlier in this thread, I think that the power isn't good in the first place.
I think I have a happy middleground with the suggestions and feedback that you've given and there is a bit of precedent for it already on a unit that has a similar price point in Count Raymond. For the Crimson Blades, yes this is definitely references the interesting looking swords on the sculpt one of which has a wavey or flame-like design. My design vision was that the sword could grow in intensity.

Is the attitude of markers in the VC positive or negative? I've heard mixed results and that I should try to stay away from markers which is why I went with using the actual dice which is both easy to understand, hard to forget and you already have them.

This specific skeleton is meant to be from Feylund, not necessarily to be a complete mimic of the Eberron Karrnathi Skeleton because I don't believe those are iconic enough to be justified but I was drawing inspiration from what the sculpt was professionally designed to represent.

Skeletal Form is out, he isn't close enough to the Tomb Skeletons nor does he have direct command over them anymore. Feylund was his original home world from the beginning, that hasn't changed for me yet ^^

SIZE/HEIGHT = Medium 4

LIFE = 5

MOVE = 5

When Akhenaten rolls a normal attack against an enemy figure you may remove one of the die that rolled a skull from your roll and place it on this card to save it. After you roll a normal attack and before your opponent rolls defense, you may expend and move any number of saved skulls off this card to add them to your attack. Skulls that are moved off of Akhenaten's Army Card are expended, you can only have 2 Skulls saved on this Army Card at any one time.

When Akhenaten or any Guard within 5 clear sight spaces Akhenaten, receives one or more wounds from a leaving engagement attack, immediately roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 9 or higher, ignore all wounds from that leaving engagement attack.

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