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Re: [Pod 2] Vlad III (Sorin of the Eternal Thirst)

Originally Posted by Pumpkin_King View Post
I could be swayed away, but I think we settled on a historical angle because of the lack of them in the box otherwise.

Definitely open to new options for ability names.
My knowledge of Vlad is very minimal, and I'd figure that if Vlad was officially made they'd definitely lean more to his more 'iconic' appearances (moustache, fancy hat, reds), but we can take liberties as the official stuff did. This will likely be the only historical unit we'll be able to make so I'm fine with it if others are, which you all seem to be.

As for power names, we can keep spitballing ideas until something clicks, but I think we can continue the process for this design if we wanted to too. The power names won't directly impact it's gameplay, it's a similar if not better boat than Durni is in.
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