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Re: Online Heroscape Match Request Thread

Originally Posted by vegietarian18 View Post
Originally Posted by TheEpicAlpaca View Post
I know this is usually for the google docs request thread games.

But can anyone point me in a direction of table top simulator for heroscape? I think it would be a great idea to play heroscape on TTS, it is a smooth and easy platform to run it, especially in 3D. I am sure I'm not the first person to learn about this. Has anyone tried this?
Heroscape is on the Tabletop Simulator Steam game. I haven't used it in a while so I don't know how exactly to find it, but it's there, you just search Heroscape somewhere. There's not a great variety of map selection if I recall correctly. I think the only one I could get to work was Migol's Tomb. But anyway, it's there.

The main reason people don't play Tabletop simulated games often is Google Docs Online Heroscape has been going on since ~2012 while Tabletop Simulator came out in 2015. The scene here was already established. Also the Tabletop Simulator interface is a little bit cumbersome, it takes substantially longer to move and rotate figures in three-dimensional space than it does in Google Docs two dimensional space. But it is fun, especially if you're looking for a feel closer to normal casual heroscape as Google Docs is more tournament oriented.

Thanks for the information. Yeah I know google docs is the preferred way just because it's what has been adopted. I watched a video of a twitch streamer making a map and armies to play against each other. It definitely looked like a long while until he was ready to go.

But if anyone is interested in trying hscape out on tts, and willing to put the time in send me a pm. You can play against me and we can build any army. Thanks
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