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Re: The Book of Shieldsmiths of Granite Keep

Originally Posted by Leaf_It View Post
Originally Posted by SuperSamyon View Post
I've been playing a 1000pt Dwarf army with Mok and I'm having a hard time finding a place for this squad. The Axegrinders with bonding make it hard to justify taking these guys over them.

Originally I had planned on using them for gunners for Mok but since you only have 3 figures per 80 point squad that seems like a waste especially since they seem to be more powerful on the ground than as a gunner.

I think they fit better in non-Dwarf armies and as pointed out earlier, paired with someone like Raelin.

Interesting squad nonetheless. I'll have to try them in different builds and in different maps and scenarios.
I think it's more that, this squad doesn't care whether you have any Dwarf Heros. Where as the Axegrinders and the Heros need each other. Axegrinders with 6 move are neat, but a 5th attack per turn is better 4 out of 5 turns. The Sheildsmiths on the other hand don't care who's with them, because they can take anything. 4 Attack, 5 Defense, is crazy good. They make up for the 2 less attacks, by having Attack and Defense stats so high that it doesn't matter. The one thing they can't make up for, is board control. 5 figures moving per turn will just always have a greater flexibility than 3. If you are running 1000 point Dwarf armies, I think the Shieldsmiths can fit in, but they only fit in at the point where you've lost your dwarf heros. The Axegrinders will serve you better until you can't bond them with someone anymore. At that point, the Shieldsmiths will have their time to shine.
Very good points. I've started to treat them as endgame units. Once my opponent has been withered down, they come out to stand their ground. Usually by then squads with bonding have lost too many figures to attack multiple times.

You're absolutely right about board control and I think thats why early on its hard justify them moving out first.

Thanks for the perspective!
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