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Re: [Pod 0] Velnesh Alphas (Leyline Phantoms) - Playtesting

Quoting this because it was a duel playtest. Thoughts on the Velnesh are in the last paragraph.

Originally Posted by Skinderella View Post
Map: Ruined City
Glyphs: Ulaniva, Dagmar (unused)

Army 1: Shaolin Monks x3, Master Lao Xin, Yi Feng (430 points)
Army 2: Ozuul, Velnesh Alphas, Raelin, Eldgrim, Isamu (400 points)

Versions used:
Spoiler Alert!

Velnesh Alphas
Spoiler Alert!

Which units survived?
Master Lao Xin with 2 wounds.

Turn by turn brief
Spoiler Alert!

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?
As a disclaimer, I was wrong on my math for the Shaolin team, for some reason I had the three squads jotted down as 70 points each instead of 80, and only realised upon putting this together. Sorry

Ozuul was pretty strong this game, killing 6 Shaolin and Yi Feng for a total of 220 points. Despite having just one game with him, he’s obviously very powerful against armies that like to group up. The extra move, whilst only used once, got him into a great position to immediately crush 4 monks, and was certainly nice to have that option. It wasn’t game claiming, but it certainly was an intimidating start for the monks to lose almost half their forces round 1. He has the ability to be a decent hero killer too with his 6 attack.

I need to give him another test as from this game alone I could see him being at this point range or even a bit lower. Against squads the matchup can fall either way very quickly, but compared to dragons who have ranged abilities that can also deal with squads, far better mobility and various things to bond with, he seems to be a bit lacking. He does have more health granted, and I’d need to test him more to see if this was a good match up or whether he can more reliably create these set ups. Being able to pull figures off of high ground without a roll is a pretty powerful ability though. And playtests from others have supported that he’s in this sort of price range. I do feel like the enemy team was very much a good match up for him, and against a lot of enemies I don't think he'll perform quite as well.

As for the Velnesh, I felt like they underperformed a bit. I had played another game with them prior to this but they all died to some Ravagers before being able to attack anything. They’re a very compelling and fun unit though, their shifts are incredibly good at closing gaps and suddenly getting on top of ranged figures. They dealt a single wound to Master Lao Xin and that was most of their achievements this game. Their blinks activated a few times and was quite effective at nullifying other Shaolins’ attacks. I need some more games with these guys because I feel like I may not have played them correctly. I’ll emphasise the point that they’re a very fun squad though, and on maps with more terrain and elevations they will be more powerful.
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