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Re: The Pre-SoV Workshop

How about "Driven" or "Focused" instead of Tenacity?

And I like "Reinforcing Charge", to me it makes thematic sense. Get a movement bonus for helping out a teammate in need.

Originally Posted by Leaf_It View Post
Fresh from the SoV submission thread. I need to fix the names of the powers these designs have.

Tenacity as Scytale put it "would be something that strives on through failure, not adding to success." Having had this power in this design for over a year, I'm reluctant to out right remove it entirely. If anyone has any naming suggestions for this power, PLEASE tell me.

Strategic Charge conflicts with the standard use of the word "Strategic" which is usually used on a power that has two effects, but you have to choose which one to want to use. I'm wanting to use "Tactical" in place of Strategic.
The power adds 2 to their move, but it does not require you to move anywhere. You could run in the opposite direction if you wanted to. They are looking at the battle, and then choosing the best course of action. That could be to help the engaged figure, and that will often be the case, but it could also be to run towards a glyph, or to engage a different enemy figure, or any other number of things.

The theme is not reinforcements, it's strategy. When they are close enough to see the battle, they are motivated to move more quickly towards whatever needs to be done.
If you do not think that the name "Tactical Charge" fits the power well, please let me know. If you have any other name suggestions, please let me know.

Imposing Threat is a thematic break because dwarves are tiny, and Dalmar is only 3 life, 3 attack. The power mechanic describes some kind of protector, who is preventing the attacker from using their full attack. I need a power name that presents that thematically. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe something like Stalwart Protector? I'm open to all suggestions.
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