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Re: 2019 C3V Playtest Tournament (Round 1 until 9/8)

Map: Wyrmwalk
Glyphs: 4 Random Treasure Glyphs from pool of: Heroic Rune - Normal attack +1, Scarab of Invulnerability (temporary), Giant Hunter Stone OR Bracers of Teleportation (temporary), Talisman of Defense – Defense +1

Zetsubo - Army: Capt. Nathaniel Blount, Venoc Warlord, 53rd N. Carolina Sharpshooters x3, Venoc Vipers x3 - 475 pts
Sir Heroscape - Army: Beakface Sneaks x5, Clawfoot Interceptor x2, Quorik Warwitch, Rygarn, Marcu Esenwein - 470 pts

Which units survived?
Capt. Nathaniel Blount 1 wound (trap), Venoc Warlord full life (stayed in SZ), one 53rd, and one Viper

General Battle Report/Flow of game (be as detailed or general as you like)
Spoiler Alert!

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?
Support shot came into play 3 times killing a Beakface Sneak, missing a Sneak, and killing off a wounded Clawfoot Interceptor. Rebel Yell was used 3 times as well killing a Sneak and finishing off Rygarn. The attack on the Quorik Warwitch was negated with Flutter so she wasn’t fazed by it. With both of these powers, Capt. Nathaniel Blount was able to take out at least one figure every Order Marker with one each round, except for the first at the start of the game. Support Shot really came in handy to take out lone raptorians engaged with my scouts while he charged other units. Rebel Yell was great against the low defense of the raptorians, but Flutter negated any wounds that could have been given.

Any additional comments (theme, balance, fun factor with and against)?
I always felt every OM on him was well worth it, and with an army full of scouts, his support shot was always there when I needed it. The theme of charging in with the famous Rebel Yell and covering his troops with Support Shot felt perfect for a Confederate Captain leading his men into battle. Rebel Yell felt a little strong reducing the defender by 2 defense, but that could be because he used it against already low defense units and always had a rebellious card take a turn before him.

Clawfoot Interceptors-
I was a bit intimidated seeing the 4 units move from Flocking with the Clawfoot Interceptors carrying more Sneaks into the battle, but apart from being troop carriers they never seemed to be in a good position where a turn with them would be better or equal to a turn with any other unit in their army.
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