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Re: 2019 C3V Playtest Tournament (Round 1 until 9/8)

Just finished up with dok.

dok's demon army steamrolled my mohicans pretty effectively. Game lasted 4 rounds total.

I moved Brave Arrow up aggressively in Round 1 to try and draw fire, he lasted 3 attacks before dying while standing on one of the 2-height shadow spaces in the middle of the board. I was trying to bring up Mohican's to surround him with, but dok summoned a Skull Demon who jumped on height next to Brave Arrow before I could bring up Mohicans for cover.

Over the first 2 rounds, I picked off 3 Acolytes and another 3 were sacrificed to bring dok's heroes onto the map. Corver was summoned at the beginning of round 2 and killed off most of the rest of my army. ~ 2 Mohicans and 3 or 4 of my Makwa Bowhunters. Corver charged my start zone and I surrounded him with Mohicans to maximize the attack from a heighted Bowhunter, but I don't think it was worth it on the whole. It subjected 4 of my Mohicans to Corver's aura of damage and locked them all down so I couldn't run-n-gun with them like I needed to in order to have a chance of turning it around (would have been slim at best anyways). The one hit from a Makwa landed 2/5 skulls, dealing just one wound to Corver.

Corver and the remaining squad of Acolytes cleaned up the rest of my army in round 4.

gg dok


Feelings on the new units we played:

Acolytes - strong, maybe cost a bit too little but it's a tough balancing act given their propensity to die from their own powers. If points are changed, should go up not down.

Corver - very effective in this matchup, partially because of my low defense and lack of attacks higher than 3 (2 after being reduced). Had only 2 lives left at the end, but was never really close to dying (unless the single Makwa attack from boosted height would have gone drastically better, would have needed 4/5 to have a chance to kill him).

Makwa Bowhunter - I think they should be able to get boosted from their own attack (i.e. one Bowhunter on height gets +1 attack for each Bowhunter adjacent to their target). Without this, running more than 1 or 2 (I ran 5 in this matchup) becomes very rough. They could be changed to either hunters or scouts. I also think it fits thematically, since they are theoretically 'hunting' together.
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