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Re: Looking for Superscape team building help

My group got two games in last night, here is a quick report from memory on how it went:

Both games 1 v 1 v 1, 1st to 1100 pts. Free built map 6 equipment glyphs

Game 1:
Team One - Shield (my team)
Shield Agents x3 110
Shield Sniper x2 40
Black Widow 170
Sharon Carter 90
Dum Dum Dugan 90
Nick Fury 220
Hawkeye 150


Team Two
Abomination 320
Dr Strange 310
Black Panther 200
Giant-Man 190
Blob 165


Team Three
Hercules 360
Iron Man 240
Dr Octopus 215
Bullseye 175
Spider-man 160

Game 1 started out with me dropping in Nick Fury and 3 Shield Agents and putting them on height to set up their kill box special. And it almost worked perfectly, I won initiative and took a shot at Abomination and rolled 1, yes 1 skull with 9 dice. Iron Man and Abomination quickly disposed of the Agents after that. Over the next few rounds Iron Man(team 3) and my shield team wiped out Abomination, Black Panther(finally got my Kill Box Off, and got luck with Panthers roll of all skulls), Giant-Man and Blob(One shot by Black Widow w/Infinity Power Gem). At this point Dr Strange went after Nick Fury, removing all 3 order markers on him. After that Iron Man and Spider-man made quick work of the Shield team. Game One was conceded to Team 3 after a few more rounds. Team 1 had 1 sniper and a 2 life Sharon Carter left, Team 2 had a 1 life Dr Strange left and Team 3 somehow didn't lose a figure, only had 2 wounds on Iron Man, full life on everyone else and had Herc and Dr Octopus still in the start zone.

Not sure I played my team right. Dum Dum and Sharon Carter did nothing and my snipers only got 1 shot off. I think I tried to hard with the Shield Agents. Looking forward to trying them again.

Game 2: As the winner, Team 3 decided to keep his team. He also thought, with his lack of knowledge of the cards, that he felt he was just getting comfortable with his unit.

Team 1 (my team)
Juggernaut 360
War Machine 270
Iron Fist 260
Captain America 220
Bucky 60


Team 2
Thor 430
Shang-Chi 230
Scorpion 200
Daredevil 180
Jonah Hex 130


Team 3 (winner of last game)
Hercules 360
Iron Man 240
Dr Octopus 215
Bullseye 175
Spider-man 160

A couple of quick highlights in the beginning of this game. I moved War Machine out early to try to get some chain gun action going, Iron Man moves in and one shots War Machine, 4 skulls to 6 blanks! With some lucky order marker usage, I have Iron Fist leap in to engage Iron Man and one shot him back. Bucky died quickly to Scorpion but Cap quickly returned the favor getting Scorpion then Shang-Chi. At this point Dr Ock wrapped up Daredevil and put him down only to die to an angry Thor. At this point the heavy hitters started to come out. Somewhere Bullseye went down to Thor and Cap took Spidy down but I don't remember how, other than it was quick. Thor faced off with Cap, Hercules charged into Iron Fist and won a Test of Might with him, but picked up 4 wounds in the process. Cap hung on as long as he could but ultimately couldn't take down the God of Thunder, who at this point was also wielding the Cosmic Control Rod. So now I was down to a full life Juggernaut, team 2 had a full life Jonah Hex, and Thor with 3 wounds and the control rod, Team 3 had Hercules with 4 life left. Thor decided to fly around and go after who he thought was the easier target in Juggernaut, at the same time Herc went after a glyph which turned out to be a first aid pack and removed a wound. Between Thor's 8 attack and the control rod Juggernaut didn't last as long as I hoped, but he did give Thor another wound, Thor also managed to wound himself with a bad d20 roll with the rod. Herc decided to charge in to face Thor, after a few back and forth attacks that were negated Thor rolled another bad d20 and took another wound. So now Thor had 7 wounds and Herc had 6. Team 3 wins a big initiative roll and places a potentially risky Test of Might marker on Thor, rolling 10 dice(with height bonus) Hercules rolls 8 skulls to Thor's 2 shields. Team 3 wins game 2 on points.

In hindsight my team pick in game 2 was a mistake, I should have taken the Thanos team. The map wasn't suited at all for Juggernauts special attack to come into play and having both Thanos and Dr Dooms flying ability would have really helped.

All in all we had a great night with the Supers and I think we will have to jump into the DC world as well.
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