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Re: Rod's trade list 2019

I've been playing HS since it came out. Some was given as prizes/promos for tournaments, etc. Some I bought as lots, and well I spent alot also as each wave was released. Others were picked in lots at stores, or from Hasbro themself.
I ran tournaments also so I needed a ton of terrain for that, mostly at DragonCon in Atlanta.
It's nice having this much as I whenever I get the itch, I can set up a pretty huge map and add whatever I wanted to it. Or in the case of the DND master set, I can set up the full scenario for it as one continuous map.

good trades:Caravaggio, Gabbi, Drfeelgood,aljovin,vydar,rrhino,boom, Pallindromemaster, spidysox, Eckels, wytefang, Rym, Armegeddon, Fatboy Chubby, Forgehammer, Grison
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