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Re: Heroes of 'Scape (RPG)

As the new game gets put together, I've been given opportunities to trim it down and stream line it-- without cutting content, mind you. By the time I'm done, this new game will have more depth than HoS but will be much easier to pick up and play. And I would even argue that it will be easier to pick up and play than Heroscape proper! I say this because first time players don't even have to worry about an Army, picking through multiple cards... but only one character, one card. In the game guide I'm going to promote its simplicity in set up with a slogan of "Five Simple Steps" to creating your Hero.

After discussing this game with friends and family, I might take steps to alter the in-game mechanics and submit my game for publication. This is of course, way down the road and I will continue with Heroscape mechanics for the sake of testing. I've always dreamed of becoming a board game designer, and this may be my chance

Things I still need from you:
-An indication as to what kind of figures you have a decent abundance of, so I can create an enemy to fight against in the Alpha
-A name for my new game (one that does not tie it to Heroscape or HoS) If you come up with a clever name, and I make money off this game some day, you will be rewarded
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