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Newborn baby needs health insurance, I need answers

Helpful and productive comments only please.

My girlfriend and I just had our newborn baby 6 days ago and we are lucky enough to have him on state aid for the first month, now I'm hustling to look for health insurance for him before that time frame is up.

I'm in complete disarray and I don't know what I can do. I've been having some postpartum depression symptoms since his birth (yes, fathers get it too) and with this added weight it is killing me, not to mention our debt that we have.

I live in Barstow, California, San Bernardino county. My job doesn't offer health insurance and between my girlfriend and my income, we make $3,800+ a month, we do not qualify for any type of state aid.

Some of your might be thinking, "that's plenty to purchase health insurance for your whole family" but because of our debt to income ratio, we only have up to $100 at the end of the month to spend towards a health care plan. We are working with a debt management company to help us with our debt and they've been helpful thus far.

My focus now is on doing what's good for my son, I've screwed up my life but I don't want that for him.

I've looked into IEHP and Healthy Families but as I said before, I make to much. If there are any other health care insurance providers out there, I'd really appreciate the names, links and if you or someone you know has or has used them.

I'm terribly sorry for the sob story, but I only have a few more weeks before my son doesn't have any type of health coverage.

Please PM me if you need any more information or if you have any helpful advice.
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