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Re: Is it even possible...

@The Duke that is so cool! Your army build is really a thing of beauty with how it all works together. My biggest fear with this approach would be an opponent who has multiple units of a ranged squad. I love how the Varja counters that by preventing an opponent from sinking all of their order markers into that squad in order to ping away at my heroes from a distance. And I can see how the versatility provided by Rygarn would be critical. I have to try him out.

I was considering running an all heroes build for the upcoming Michigan tournament which requires 250 out of the 500 points in an army to be Large/Huge. I would think that all heroes would stand a better chance in that format than a standard format. The catch is that there is no C3V/C3G allowed, so I would be restricted to classic scape. The build I was considering was Nilfheim, Tor Kul Na, and Atlaga. I like Nilf and TKN because they can both handle squads as well as heroes pretty well. And then I figured during a 5 round tournament Atlaga would be likely to win me at least one match with his Bolt. I don't think I'm actually going to run this army, but it got me to thinking about this question in general.

I appreciate all of the responses. It never occurred to me (thanks @Aldin ) that one of the many reasons going this route is difficult is that heroes can take multiple wounds from a single attack. It's obvious now, but I hadn't considered that aspect before. Killing squads requires lots of potentially wasted skulls. I guess that's just one more reason Squadscape is a thing.
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