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Toa Matoro's Trade/Sell List (11/19)

After a long hiatus, I have recently been getting back into the game, and am looking to fill a few holes in my old collection. Hopefully I can help someone else do the same! The following are my haves and wants. All of my figures are in good condition, and include their original card as well. Feel free to PM me an offer if you would like to trade!


- 1x Marcus Decimus Gallus
- 1x Kaemon-Awa
- 1x Kee-Mo-Shi
- 1x Kurrok the Elementalist
- 1x Heirloom
- 1x Iron Golem
- 1x Greater Ice Elemental
- 1x Siege
- 1x Moltenclaw


- 1x Marcu Esenwein
- 1x Warden 816
- 1x Deadeye Dan
- 1x James Murphy
- 1x Guilty McCreech
- 1x Jotun
- 1x Tagawa Samurai
- 1x Sentinels of Jandar
- 1x Marro Drones
- 1x MacDirk Warriors

I also have 2 rarer figures for sale. I have a Gencon Exclusive Agent Skahen still in its original packaging, and I also have a Laglor still in its original packaging (the box is very worn, but the figure and items inside are in mint condition). I am looking to sell these. The average prices online seem to be $120 and $50-60 respectively, though I am willing to consider offers, so feel free to pm me!

Thanks for looking at my thread!
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