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Zealot's Weekly Heroscape Night at Armada Games (Mondays)

Hello Fello Scapers,

I wanted to invite anyone in the Central Florida area (Tampa, St. Pete, Wesley Chapel, ect...) to my weekly heroscape game night at Armada Games near the University of South Florida.

Every Monday night from 6:30 - Midnight I'll be setting up and playing heroscape. I have been doing this for the past 2 months and will always be attending so unless something catastrophic happens with my car or I'm out of town, you can count on me being there.

I have a huge amount of terrain and all the figures (in multiples) so you don't even have to bring your own stuff. (you are welcome too but it isn't required)

ARMADA GAMES is located about half a mile south of Fowler Ave. on the west side of 56th street. They are located next to a Coin Laudremat and are a little hard to spot from the street since their sign is not lit.

If anyone has any questions and would like to join Torog and me for our Monday heroscape night, plz post or pm me to let me know.

Everyone is welcome and with Heroscape the more the merrier.


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