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Elf's Customs

I've been thinking about stats for these figures...

The one on the top is a Horrorclix Pod Zombie. I want him to be sort of like a zombie hero, but I'm not sure about stats/ abilities. He's very...planty.

Life 4
Move 5
Range 1
Attack 3
Defense 3
Points 100?

I have a clearer idea on the second figure. He is a Horrorclix Plague Vagrant. He has rats on him, if you can't tell.

Rat King

Life 4
Move 5
Range 1
Attack 3
Defense 5
Points 90

Start the game with 5 rat markers on this card. Whenever the rat king dies, the rats die, too, wherever they are (unless he is revived). Whenever you take a turn with the rat king, you may take a turn with any rats on the map as well.
When any rat dies, place it on this card again.

Rat Stats:

Life 1
Move 7
Range 1
Attack 1
Defense 4

Rats cannot be targeted by normal ranged attacks. Rats cannot enter water, swamp water, or lava.

Unleash the Swarm
After movin and before attacking, you may roll the 20-sided die.
1-2, nothing happens
3-10, place one rat marker adjacent to The Rat King
11-14, place 2 rat markers adjacent to The Rat King
15-18, place 3 rat markers adjacent to The Rat King
19-20, place 5 rat markers adjacent to The Rat King

Update 7/31

3 New figures

A D&D Mini

Elf Summoner

Life 5
Move 5
Range 1
Attack 3
Defense 3

Summon Warrior

A WoW Mini


Life 6
Move 5
Range 6
Attack 4
Defense 3

Some sort of spell special attack

Another D&D Mini

Shadow Demon

I picture this as a support unit. Not strong, but has one or 2 auras.

More on these later

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