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Originally Posted by aerofool
My concearn is for the young, new player without a large ammount of disposable income. They go to a friends house and play the game once, like it and beg their parents to get them a master set. They get SotM for $40 (no sales in this scenario). After playing a few games, they find this site and stumble accross a thread discussing the wonders of 3+ stingers and how nagrubs must be fielded in 4+ units. Instead of getting what they need in $10 blisters, they have to fork out another $40 to get what they want in these units. They do get more nifty terrain, but this also leaves them with doubles of 7 uniques (hive included) that they can't give away because most anyone will ever need is one of each. Anytime you have to buy something which contains an item or items you don't need you will feel like you've wasted at least part of your money. If you gotta have commons in the master set, make every squad and hero common. Otherwise stick with all uniques.
Interesting point. When I bought 8 RotV, it always irritated me that the figures were all unique. To me the draw was the terrain so I kept buying, knowing I was wasting part of my money. The commons were a nice addition in the new master set, but not enough terrain.

There has to be a middle ground somewhere. such as: Good amount and variety of terrain. Common squads with a couple unique heroes thrown in that fit the overall theme of the set. All is well with the world then. And did I mention we need more TREES!?!
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