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"Progress" reports released from school. AN F!

Well, as you can see from the title, I recieved my prgress report because the term is half over. The teacher handed it to me, and I immediately noticed that I currently have an F! I have NEVER (capitalization for extreme emphasis) gotten an F in my entire life! I am normally an A-B range student, but the first term of my freshman year consists of:

Latin- B

Band- A

PE- C (it turns out that if you are absent from school, they take off points in gym...)

English- C

History- F!!! (I think the actually score is 39.7-something...I literally went to the bathroom and puked when I got this one...)

Geometry- C-
(we have only had one test so far...)

Integrated Science- B

This is the worst I have ever done in my life....and I am usually considered one of the smart kids...I know what I need to buckle down on (tests and homework) but I need to know how to do that! Any help is appreciated...

By the way, all of these classes are Honors, except for geometry...

Please help! (my dad will go berserk, he got irate when I brought home a "C" once.) I feel completely devastated, because I thought that I was doing well. My history teacher is the strereotypical portrait that we all percieve when we tthink of a 13 year old girl...(for example, she repeatedly says "Oh, My, God", and "like"...she also has blonde moments...I honestly think that all she does is send home work, and we're supposed to fend for ourselves. I was out absent for a week, and she gave me ONE day when I came back to make-up all of the work from that week....there was a lot. I'm basically saying that I need to increase all of my grades to a B- or better (regular B and better would be preferred.) Help!

I'll write this in the most signified manner possible. Making crude or lame jokes on these are just pointless because of their insignificance.
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