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Originally Posted by ninthdoc
Sir, you have not been a registered member of this site long enough to remember the trouble that legolasbaker made of himself the last him he posted here. He's unnaturally obsessed with Stephen Baker. So thank you for your opinions; they are uninformed and thus without merit.

I absolutely hate it when someone jumps on someone else without knowing the facts.
If you are going to make vague and negative comments about someone in a public forum you ought to back them up or keep your mouth shut. But then this sight seems to be crowed with people who are much more interested in pointing out other peoples' shortcomings than they are in enjoying the game and helping others to get more out of their experiences in the game and in this community.

Again, there are certainly some who are great but there are many aggressive posters who seem to have the support of some of the sight administrators and who are very rude and degrading towards other posters, many of whom are likely children.[

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