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Originally Posted by Dr. Weirdscaper

I've got to ask even though I might not want to know the answer....what's with the GENTLEMEN every post? Is that just like your gimmick? You quote AquaTeen? Or what?

I didn't think the 1st person to ask me what's up with GENTLEMEN..
would be someone who knows about ATHF... What's up with that?

Yup, not a big code to crack. I am a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
The name Dr. Weirdscaper is another clue, as well as my location.
Also, when I'm working on making maps (my creations) I consider
myself a bit of a mad scientist.
I know it's AquaTeen, as I said in my post....what I don't know is why you do it. I thought there was some deep reason or're just a fan, that's cool.
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