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Re: 3 way battle question

Originally Posted by player_of_football
First, I wasn't sure where this should go so I put it here. Sorry to the admins if it's the wrong one.

Anyways my question is, when you play a three man game, everyone for themselves how do you split up your army? Like how do you choose which figures go where. Do you go after one person or both at the same time?

I usually don't play 3 ways a lot and wanted to pick up some tips on them when I do rarely play them. Thanks Guys
It depends. In a multi-player game I tend to react more than instigate. I wait to see how the other players act towards each other. If I'm in a three player game and the other two player are instnatly at each other's throats tearing it up, I sit back a little and maybe pick off stragglers or support troops, letting them hash out the melee mess. Once it's over, the victor will be gratly weakened, and I swoop in for the kill.

If I play a more carefully planned three-way game where each player splits his forces and tries to fight a two front war, I have to follow that lead as well, lest I be over-run.
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