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Meerca Trade List Updated 12/1

Hey everyone, here's my trade list. I'm also up for buying figures or using cash to equal out a trade.

Venoc Vipers x1
Venoc Warlord x1
Havech Eradicators x1 (No card currently, but will be printing one soon)
Blastatrons x1
Zombies of Morindan x2
Sentinels of Jandar x1 (One figures base has a small chip, I'll provide pictures)
Heroes of the Molten Sea x1
- Moriko x1
- Kato Katsuro x1
- Otanashi x1
Elves Figure Expansion x1
- Ulginesh x1
- Arkmer x1
- Emirron x1
- Jorhdawn x1
- Chardris x1

Mezzodemon Warmongerers x1
Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior x1
Sonya Eisenwein x1
Marro Stingers x4
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider x1
Heavy Grut x3

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