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Re: SOV/C3V Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper View Post
Originally Posted by SuperSamyon View Post
I like @Leaf_It suggestion. I've mentioned elsewhere if there were design notes for announced minis. Something like what the plan is for bonding, goals, and general would go a long way to make the early announcement more meaningful.

I disagree with you @superfrog . The public playtesting forum is very much a free preview for most of us even if that's not what it was designed to be. I've made purchase decisions based on what the early preview looks like.

Something to consider is that even the cheapest, $3 mini comes out to $10 shipped with tax. Definitely not an impulse buy for something you won't be able to take to the table for at least a year.

Common squads are probably the most problematic since they can cost quite a bit if it's a 4 figure squad and someone wants to own multiples. I've personally decided to lay off purchasing any more 4 figure common squads just because costs are too high once the card is released.
I think we can add a few synergy web notes to our announcements. As to the "free preview" comment Superfrog made, though I already picked on him for it (and he is free to speak for himself), I think he was responding to what looked like a request for previews of units that are relatively early in our process. Or, at least, units that we do not believe are ripe for public playtesting. I think that's what he meant.

Not that our PPTers shouldn't use the opportunity to get a preview of what we think is *ready* for them. We certainly hope they will use it for that.
I'm not meaning to pick on superfrog, just adding another voice of agreement that at least one more person treats the public Playtesting forum as a preview. What you have here is valuable customer data. .

I'm curious, have you guys ever considered setting up a store for C3V? That would go a long way to overcoming some of the issues we have today of stock availability thereby relieving pressure to know more about a figure before its released.
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