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The Journal of the Orc Archers of Nordin

The Journal of the Orcs Archers of Nordin
Wave 4: Madness in the Forbidden Mountains
Pack 1: Orc Attack!

Spoiler Alert!

Download Card in PDF Here

The figures used for this units are Dungeons & Dragons figures from Harbinger
#072 Orc Archer (U) (X3).

Character’s Biography:

In the world of Grut not all of the orcs follow the same leaders or are parts of the same clan, they form different clans and fight each other to see, who is the toughest clan in all of Grut. In the village of Nordin, the orcs train to become the toughest in all of Grut. That’s why General Valkrill selected these orcs, they are savage in nature and are always ready for battle.

Character’s Stats:

Life = 1
Move = 5
Range = 6
Attack = 2
Defense = 3
Price = 60 pts

Common Squad
Medium 5

Character’s Abilities:

Range 6. Attack 1.
Choose a figure to attack. If the chosen figure receives a wound, then place another wound for poison damage.

At the start of the first round of a game, after all order markers have been placed, you may move all Orc Archers of Nordin you control up to 5 spaces each. They must end their Orc Battle Rush movement on an empty space.

This Card was Created by the Explores of Valhalla Team.

Currently Working with the Explores of Valhalla Team.

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