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Re: Diplomacy

[quote=kevindola;2456124 I am very thankful that Austria was able to let my stab be water under the bridge long term. [/quote]

I was shocked at the stab. My first game, and it was welcome to Diplomacy, here's a whack upside the head with a 2 by 4. I was plotting my revenge, but knew that if I struck immediately, I would be out of the game quickly. So I bided my time.
I thought long and hard in Fall 03 about stabbing him then (I had posted orders) and at the last minute changed my mind. It was clear to me that Italy was an excellent player, and that by just reading his messages explaining all of our choices for attacks and what other countries might do, I would be receiving the equivalent of a free college education in Diplomacy strategy and tactics. To be honest, many of his messages made my head hurt as I tried to understand all the various calculations, permutations and computations. I would then spend time composing press back to make it sound like I knew what the heck he was talking about while I tried to make it sound like I was not a new player that he could take advantage of (he had opportunities along the way to stab me, but I guess he figured the England France juggernaut would roll him quickly if he turned on me.)
I was also impressed by his messages to me after the stab. He explained why he did it, and attempted to keep the door open for future cooperation (of course he was trying to convince Turkey to carve me up at the same time, but the tone of his messages was very diplomatic.)
So, many thanks to @kevindola for the excellent education.
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