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Talking Re: Magic: the Gathering Strategy Board Game (Looks HeroScap

Originally Posted by El T View Post
I think for those of us who see this not simply as an opportunity for new materials but rather as further evidence of corporate exploitation of our favorite game, a boycott is in order.
Please, no one screw this up with your pettiness. I've fantasized about an MTG/Heroscape crossover since Wizards picked up the brand! Your mileage may vary, and of course you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. It's fine if you don't enjoy Magic; but, for me, it's one of the coolest fantasy IPs I've ever been immersed in! I love playing the card game with my friends, and I go down to the card shop for Friday Night Magic when I have the time to draft, or mingle.

I can't believe this is happening! It's so great to know that Van Ness is involved. I got into MTG the same time I was playing Heroscape non-stop with my high school buddies. We haven't dusted the pieces off and really played for years, but this may build new interest among the playgroup. I have humored the idea of an MTG module in the vein of Marvel or C3G, but I would need the figures - now they're finally making those, and a specifically-tooled ruleset to boot! I couldn't be more excited. Thanks, Wizards.
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