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Re: New to heroscape

Hey a very warm welcome to you ghosthellz. First of all your going to need alot of storage space. Those 4 foot high wheeled plastic filing cabinets work great. Next, get used to and love the taste of Ramen noodle soup. Your going to be eating alot of Ramen noodle soup for the next few years. Your going to be needing all that money your would normally spend on things like food and gas. Finally, if you have a girlfriend, better let her go now. Your new love is Raelin the Kyrie Warrior.

Seriously though, there is alot of great advice around here. For the two questions you asked now though:
1: To start with, you NEED to get the Rise of the Valkyrie master set. You can usually find it for around $30-35 (USD) online, probably $35-45 canadian. It is by far the superior master set and if you were happy with what you got from the Marro set, your going to love this one. Next I would get the Jungle set (it comes with spiders) it adds alot of flavor and balance to the game. Finally, depending on how far you want to go with it, get some packs of unique figures. They will either be in large packs or in small ones with a tan background on them. The common packs have a blue background. If you don't really want to go too far into the spending, avoid the commons, they require a minimum of two packs of identical figures in order to be useful. Two themes that work really well using only unique fiques are the Samuri's and Elves. You may have a hard time finding Samuri's, but with just two purchases you can have almost every elven wizard available and a fairly tournament worthy army. Of course The best armys usually include common figures, and lots of them.

Hope thats helpful for now. I'm sure someone here will post some links for must reads really soon. I would suggest spending about 3 or 4 hours just reading the stuff people have posted before even bothering to ask any more questions. Nearly everything you could think of to ask has probably been asked many times.

Finally, you can set the maps up however you want, withing some very minor restrictions. It's your game and it has millions of ways to be set up.

edit- just wanted to add. That castle set you bought is the most complacated expansion ever released for heroscape. None of the others come even close. If your able to understand the rules for the castle then you have nothing to worry about. If you can't understand it, then just put it away for awhile and add it in a few months when your more used to the game. Id also say that the castle set is the least needed expansion.
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