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Re: Heroscape Brief Card for Beginners.

Originally Posted by LongHeroscaper
Recently, our playgroup has recruited quite a few new players. We sometimes end up with 2 experienced players with 4-5 beginners. And of course they don't usually show up at the same time for us to go over the rule for all of them.
So I have created a brief card and put in it the most important things to play the game. It's size is half of the standard letter size. I searched and realized that someone have had the same idea, but I believe the size is the letter size. The half size may be handy and economic, especially when you want to introduce the game to a large group of people (which will happen to us on next Wednesday). After a short explanation, they can just grab one brief card and start the game. Of course, there are more subtle rules, but they can ask experienced players when those cases arise. I also include a dice chart showing the chance to inflict a wound. Again, for new player, it may be useful.
Please let me know if I missed something important, or if the information is not accurate, or anything that should be changed. Your criticism is welcome here! I will create a PDF file that you can print front and back, then cut in halves to have 2 brief cards after hearing from your comments. Thanks again for your help!



Not sure if you were referring to my Book of Heroscape with its different guides, rulesets, and battle dossiers, but mine's designed more as a "Strategy Guide" for new and existing players. Mine isn't necessarily designed as a travel companion, as much as a "Bible" if you will. However, I could see one person per GameDay keeping one of them handy in case somebody needed some info.

I applaud your Brief Card because it helps newbies keep certain pertinent info handy on their person. As customizers of the game, the amount of quick-reference material is steadily growing and hopefully we can train a new breed a HeroScapers to play against.

Keep up the good work!
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