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Heroscape Brief Card for Beginners (Updated 10/30)

Recently, our playgroup has recruited quite a few new players. We sometimes end up with 2 experienced players with 4-5 beginners. And of course they don't usually show up at the same time for us to go over the rule for all of them.
So I have created a brief card and put in it the most important things to play the game. It's size is half of the standard letter size. I searched and realized that someone have had the same idea, but I believe the size is the letter size. The half size may be handy and economic, especially when you want to introduce the game to a large group of people (which will happen to us on next Wednesday). After a short explanation, they can just grab one brief card and start the game. Of course, there are more subtle rules, but they can ask experienced players when those cases arise. I also include a dice chart showing the chance to inflict a wound. Again, for new player, it may be useful.
Please let me know if I missed something important, or if the information is not accurate, or anything that should be changed. Your criticism is welcome here! I will create a PDF file that you can print front and back, then cut in halves to have 2 brief cards after hearing from your comments. Thanks again for your help!

Link to the high resolution, 2-sided PDF file



Here are some other versions of the card with different backgrounds.

L...o....n......g.....H...e.....r....o.....S....c....a....p...e......r .....
Heroscape Brief Card for Beginners.
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