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Originally Posted by GameBear
If the wound destroys the figure, move Tor-Kul-Na onto the space that figure occupied, and you may continue Tor-Kul-Na's movement.
Question: free move, or one of Tor-Kul-Na's move spaces? Example: Tor-Kul-Na moves 4 spaces, then successfully Trample Stomps (and moves onto the vacated space). Does Tor-Kul-Na have 2 move spaces remaining, or only 1?

This was discussed in the Gencon 07 pics thread (pages 8 and 9), but I didn't see a definitive answer. If there is an official ruling (or even a consensus interpretation), it should probably go into the "Rulings and Clarifications" section.
I take it that when the card says you may move into the space occupied by that figure, that it's a free move. It also says you may continue his [normal] movement afterwards. That's how I've read it, so he could theoretically trample a huge line of figures in one turn!

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