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Re: New England Heroscape: 4x400

OP updated with:
- Venue (The Whiz Game Store in Westborough MA)
- Mentions
- Updated Attendee List

For anyone thinking about attending but unsure on the army requirements, I've already picked out my 4 armies I will use for the event and have an additional 10 competitive 400 point armies (all B+ or better) (using figures that I will not be playing). Between those armies, that leaves over 2 full sets of armies, which as previously suggested by @itsbuzzi can support up to 8 players for anyone who needs additional figures. Alternatively, if you have 2 or 3 armies you already want and just need one or two more, I can also lend out a few of those individual armies to help out. Just PM me with any figures you'd like to use to reserve them.

Originally Posted by ollie View Post
Interested. I'm introducing the game to six new people tomorrow. If it goes well, I'll see if I can get a group of us to come.
Awesome, hope you and them are able to make it out!

Originally Posted by Typhon2222 View Post
Oh wow, Chris Perkins, thanks for choosing both Dance of the Dryads and The Borogoves!
It's always an honor to have one's maps selected makes my day every time.
I hope your tournament is a blast.
Thanks! And thanks for making the maps, I like them a lot.
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