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Re: The Slow Win

The meta game in Toronto is changing because of me.
I guess that's kind of cool... in a way.

Wriggz, I said I wasn't going to be playing Stingers anymore, you didn't believe me did you?

It's going to be really hard to wipe out your opponents entire army, I can tell you that. I managed to only do that one game last tournament. I like the idea though, rats and Raelin suddenly don't look as good (unless you just want 1 point every game).

The meta game is offense now.
-Deathchasers come as a natural choice because of their high attack.
-Vipers don't look bad, they can end a game quick. (same with elf archers)
-Phantom Knights are in your face really quick also.
-Dragon bonding just got better, they produce high damage.
-Zombies got slightly worse since they are slow.
Stingers are still good. (the one unit you can't really do anything about)
(all theory of course)

Is it just me, or does Taelord kind of sound good in a tournament all of sudden?

I Came, I Dropped, I Conquered.

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