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Re: The Book of the Werewolf Lord

I can't wait to get my hands on this fella.

Running with the Wolves of Badru, he ups their value significantly (in my opinion).

Possible armies:
WL 140
WoB x3 240 380
Nakita Agents 120 500 / 14 (assuming the WL is a double space figure)

Early on the order markers go on the WoB. Hopefully, the WL inflicts a wound on one or two heroes, and retreats to the relative safety of the spread out NA, 4 - 5 spaces apart. He keeps moving from NA to NA and rolling for Moon Frenzy, one order marker a turn. Ranged figures trying to kill him must bypass Smoke Powder and melee figures must avoid the Engagement Strike.

WL 140
WoB x3 240 380
Torin 120 500 / 13 (assuming the WL is a double space figure)

Torin's Evil Eye only helps out the WoB... but that is enough to make this army one of serious synergy. Battleaxe makes him a tank against squads sent to kill the WL. Order marker 2 on Torin and 1 & 3 on the WoB early to keep them grouped. Can the WL survive long enough to use Moon Frenzy in this build, though? No range (apart from pounce) either.

Potentially useful 120 point heroes that can substitute in for the NAs in this build include:
- Raelin 2.0 (+1 defense could be handy, as could whirlwind)
- Mogrimm Forgehammer (order marker 3 on him for Commander's Strike & Combat Leader, could create a diversion also)
- Grimnak (Chomp could come in handy, could create a diversion)
- Fen Hydra (could create a diversion, and is a tank)


Oh, and an afterthought:

WL 140
WoB x2 160 300
Raelin 1.0 80 380
Torin 120 500 / 11 (assuming the WL is a double space figure)

Raelin helps everyone out, and makes Evil Eye more dangerous for ranged normal attacks against Torin & the WoBs. Can Raelin hide behind Torin, also? Still no range...

CRC's Maps: please consider using one of my maps. I'd love the feedback.

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