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Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009

We had a great NHSD, we had 16 scapers!

Congratulations to Longheroscaper for going 4-0 and taking the crown.

First place went to Longheroscaper, and his army was Rats x4, Krav, Q-9, Raelin, and Guilty McCreech.

Second place went to Arido Krylor, and the army was Rats x3, Krav, Isamu, Otonashi, Atlaga, and Protectors of Utgar x2.

Third went to Kaemon Awasome, and his army was Braxas, Migol, Isamu, Otonashi, and Dwarves x 3.

Here is the way everyone placed:
  1. Longheroscaper
  2. Arido Krylor
  3. Kaemon Awasome
  4. Hari (Longheroscapers brother)
  5. Mattwolf9
  6. Watson (Kaemon Awasome friend)
  7. David
  8. Revdyer
  9. Jon
  10. Ben
  11. Hai Nguyen
  12. Wolfman1968
  13. Deadeyedan7
  14. Franklin
  15. Allen
  16. Greyon

What do you mean I cost too much???

Good Traders:
nyys, LongHeroscaper, Einar Gen., EternalThanos86, Nikkomon, s_l_i_m_e_r and Verbal
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