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Arrow Grison's List as of 4/5/19 (Glaciers for Rock Outcrops?)

Hi All,

In addition to the wants & trades below, I would be willing to trade away Thaelenk Tundra Glacier Mountains with ice bases, in exchange for Underdark Rock Outcrops with shadow bases (either like for like sizes, or let's discuss). I have 1 each of the 6, 4, and 3-hex Glacier Mountains with bases, and 2 of the single-sized ones.

  • 3x single rock outcrops from Underdark set
  • 1x triple rock outcrop from Underdark set
  • 1x single-sized Thaelenk Tundra Glacier Mountain
    (with or without base)
  • 9x single snow tiles
  • 16x single ice tiles

  • 2x spare Thaelenk Tundra - Glacier Mountain base only, single
  • C3V: B-11 Resistance Corps (figures only)
  • Dund (no card)
  • Sonlen (no card)
  • Deathwalker 8000 (no card)
  • Shiori (no card)
  • SOTM Raelin (no card)
  • SOTM Sgt. Drake (no card)
  • Various specific classic Heroscape orphans, if you're missing specific figures. (Includes Aubriens, Sacred Band, Sentinels, Macdirks.)
  • Extensive Reaper Bones collection, including large sets like the huge dragons, Kaladrax, Cthulu, giants, kraken... you name it.
  • Lots of Confrontation unit boxes that haven't (yet) been used by C3V (in other words, good customs fodder). Includes AT43 TacArms, Cannon Box, Crossbowmen, Demon Hunters, Fangs & Great Fangs Attachment Boxes, Fusiliers, Sentinels, Trackers.
Happy 'scaping!
- Jeff

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