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Re: Sale!

Apologies if I'm way out of line. Just not too pleased

This is bogus. I made the drive all the way out there this morning. Nothing, nada. I searched the toy section (and the clearance section, even though you said they weren't there) thoroughly (above, below, behind, etc), and did not find anything. Not even any shelf space for the items, or any empty space large enough to have held them. Asked the toys employee and they said they do not have any, and have not seen them. They are not carrying HS anymore, and he hadn't seen any on clearance in months.

I even checked the other Fred Meyer's just outside of Battle Ground in Orchards, just in case you were confused on the location; nothing there either. So unless the employee was wrong (which I admit may be the case), and you hid them somewhere completely out of the realm of toys (like in the sock bin or something), I'm gonna go ahead and call BS here. And if you DID hide them somewhere ridiculous, poopoo to you for not being a bit more specific.

We did find a great sale on some garden stuff, so the trip wasn't entirely wasted. Otherwise, I'd be asking you for my morning back, and the gas money

I'm selling a bunch of Heroscape stuff to pay for personal emergencies, please see my trade thread post:
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