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Re: The New York City Gang Of Four

Well met!

Just chas and I met yesterday, as Sherman and Taeblewalker were at the last minute unable to attend. We played a number of enjoyable games, but were left with more questions than answers. I passed various versions of these cards by BiggaBullfrog a while back and, from his point of view, I've generally overpriced them.


This card was quite different then, though. Now, with a Triple Attack of 4, I'm thinking 140 might be a bit low. He was quite strong in our games.


Sirenia did nothing of interest in both games with her, even as Sonic Sword 13 became Sonic Sword 11.


The version Bigga saw, that he thought was close or a bit high costed is above.


Bigga had Nieriel at 60-80 points. For this test, at the last minute, I changed Needle so that defense dice could not be rolled against Nieriel's normal attack if a wound was inflicted, Needle happened before movement, and Neiriel was given Disengage. The attack happening before movement was impossible to set up without too much risk. With Needle potentially eliminating defense dice (after movement) and Disengage, Nieriel was better in both her games.


Rania is solid, at the most 110 according to Bigga. I sort of agree, comparing her to Morgoloth.


Bigga has him at around 100 points, or lower. I gave him Disengage and had Distracting Spear happen before movement. Disengage wasn't used, but Distracting Spear worked fine. If Morgoloth is 140, Xorotu can't be too much cheaper, can he?


Scourge came late to the party, and chas was convinced he was worth around 170+ points before he ever hit the table. He was interesting to play and defend against, and I'm thinking 140 is about right . . .

But what do I know? A few conclusions:

In this context, with lots of squad figures and some powerful Special Attackers in the armies, I'm inclined to think these customs are generally over costed. Maybe some hero-oriented games would make comparisons easier.

I've found some great sculpts and I've come up with some theoretically cool powers. The actual play of these sculpts/powers is not necessarily as cool as I'd hoped. Going forward:

Sirenia: She was not originally Utgar or Undead, nor did she have any of her current powers. I am comfortable with her as she is, except that Sonic Sword needs more work/testing, and she needs another power to make her more interesting and unique.

Rania: To make her worth her points Bigga-wise, and for uniqueness' sake, Soldier's Endurance could apply every turn (no X Marker needed). Elven Armor is strong, almost an auto-shield, and works fine, but I can't get over the idea that there is a perfect second (or third?) power for her that I haven't come up with - yet.

Xorotu: With Disengage and the changes to Distracting Spear, he's simply, sometimes brutally, effective.

Tsumetai: The way Blizzard actually plays, I'm inclined to jettison the movement power, and just have Tsumetai and units within 2 spaces of him add an auto-shield against ranged attacks. In any event, Bigga aside, I can't see him at only 100 or so, comparing to Racheim versus the Wyvern.

Scourge: The jury is so still out on this one. His sculpt is so much skinnier than I imagined. Trident Fire's Range of 3 makes it less useful than you might think. I'm still agonizing over what his second (or third?) power should be.

Nieriel: So many ideas went through her before this version. With the latest version of Needle,and Disengage, I could: (a) eliminate Frenzy and/or (b) make her a Rogue, and/or (c) raise her stats a bit, and/or (d) add

If Nieriel is targeted for an attack or special power by an opponent’s figure, you may roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 13 or higher, choose an opponent's small or medium figure adjacent to
Nieriel who is not the attacking figure. Switch Nieriel with the chosen figure. If you do, the attacking figure must attack the chosen figure, if possible, and cannot attack any other figure this turn. Figures moved by Reversal never take any leaving engagement attacks.

and/or (e) do any or all of the above with another available sculpt.

All of these sculpts are available in quantities for SoV except Tsumetai. A bit of work/testing before any of them are presentable.

P.S.: Just bought this one, being surprised that he is available in quantity for possible SoV use.

I see this one as having Triple Attack, of course, a Shadow version of Blizzard, and some sort of dog-like protector or companion power.


Next Generation

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