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Re: HeroScape Ragnarok:Rule add-ons for epic games!

Originally Posted by land.scape View Post
I keep thinking we should have a rule that you only get a height advantage when you have true height advantage rather than whether one base is higher than another. You could determine that by eye or mathematically: Adding tile height plus figure height as listed on their card.

What's the big deal? A small figure, say height of 3, attacking a huge dragon, say height of 13, gets height advantage when he stands on just one tile. Seems wrong to me. But by my rule, that small figure would have to be standing on at least 11 tiles to get height advantage. Tile height of 11 + figure height of 3 = 14 greater than the dragon's height of 13.

Hmm, guess you'd need to subtract for the difference in height between the two so a larger figure doesn't automatically get height advantage.

My group plays with that rule - you have to have a base height higher (so, to get height, you *still* have to be on terrain higher than the opponent) AND you have to have true height higher (so, base + fig height must be more than opponents').

In this way, Nilfheim STILL has to be elevated to get height; but it's less likely that others will get height on Nilfheim.
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